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I must do everything he says. Without question.

That’s the bargain I made in order to keep my job after ruthless billionaire Colt Jarrett took over the company where I work.

But when I made that pledge to him, I never in my wildest dreams imagined what he might command me to do…

His magnetic green eyes sear into me, a lethal wildcat stalking its prey. When he grows angry, his chest heaves, pulling his suit jacket over a taut, muscled frame.

I squirm when he gazes at me with that lethal stare. My white silk panties get damp from the slightest glance from him, the merest whisper from his perfect lips.

There were no boys at my upper crust all-girl university, but then again, this is no boy. He is all man.

And he is about to ruin everything I hold dear.


I have a dirty job to do.

Taking over my departed father’s flailing company is bad enough, but now I have to deal with the firings and recriminations from those who didn’t work hard enough to save themselves…

And worse yet, there is a distraction here in the form of a pure, innocent little vixen with pouty red lips and big, scared eyes.

I try not to focus on the girl, Skye Fallon. From the moment I saw her, I couldn’t stop imagining my mouth all over her, ravishing her pale, supple skin.

Freeing those curves so I can see everything, licking her and savoring those ripe juices.

The girl screams for it with every startled glance she gives me, and the blush that creeps up her chest and neck whenever I am close.

But I’m not here to start a workplace affair no matter how hard Miss Fallon makes me. And no matter how much she tries to knock me off balance, I will not let this woman break down my iron walls.

She’ll just have to learn the hard way that I am the boss.

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