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Critically acclaimed bestselling author, Matt Shaw. #1 bestseller in Horror Fiction with hundreds of 5 star reviews

Captive Hearts

He lays there, restrained to the bed, wondering when she is going to come back to see him. Her routine seems to be twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening. Other than that, he is left there with nothing but his own thoughts...

Why is he there?
What do they want with him?
When can he go back to his own family?

* * * * *

Another day of the same routine. Get out of bed when she is told to do so. Get the other guest's breakfast from the kitchen area, where it is waiting for her, and take it down to him. Do not talk to him. Ensure that he is okay. Come back upstairs and - if deserving of a treat - get access to the television room for an hour of whatever is put on for her to watch.

She knows why she is there.
She hopes that - one day - she can be forgiven.
She hopes that - one day - she will be freed.

* * * * *

A doting father, his life shouldn't have been like this. He didn't want to keep these people in his home. He wanted to grow old with his wife and daughter by his side but - things change. Things change and now he has changed. But doing this... Doing ALL of this... This is how he changes it back to what it was before the accident. This is how he fixes his life back to what it was. There's just one more piece of the puzzle to get and - then - the final part of his plan will be put into motion.

Three characters, one storyline told through their eyes.

“There is a ferocity about Matt Shaw's writing that is both welcome and also necessary when it comes to horror.” - Shaun Hutson, author of "Slugs"

About the author
Matt Shaw is the published author, and film director, of over 200 stories including his infamous black cover range of extreme horrors. In those titles he is known for pushing boundaries and has been nominated for multiple awards within the "splatterpunk" genre but do not be fooled - Shaw isn't only capable of writing the extremes. His dark psychological horrors are known for getting under the skin of the readers, causing both sleepless nights and restless dreams...

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- Horror
- Psychological Fiction
- Survival Horror
- Serial killers
- kidnap horror
- Suspense horror

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