Buy XY4+ Key Finder - Bluetooth Item Finder, Phone Finder, Car Key Tracker Device - Key Locator Tags Find Lost Keys, Keychain, Smartphone, Wallet, Luggage (Charcoal)

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Manufacturer:XY Findables

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Features :

  • FIND YOUR LOST ITEMS - Whether you're looking for your keys, wallet, luggage, or making sure Snuggles doesn't escape the fortress, the XY4+ has your back. This tiny yet powerful Bluetooth key finder and tracking device easily secures to whatever you don't want to lose.


XY4+ Bluetooth item finder and key finder.

Beep the XY4+ to find lost items.

Use the XY4+ to ring your phone or device.

KeepNear Technology alerts you before things go missing.

2x Range, 4x Volume, 5x Battery Life

No hidden or monthly subscription fees.


You can buy with confidence knowing your XY4+ Bluetooth item finder comes with a 2-Year Unlimited Warranty and 100% Money Back Guarantee.


The XY4+ model finders have a detectable range of up to about 300 feet (100 meters).

As with similar Bluetooth finders on the market, they are subject to interference.

Some materials, such as metal and concrete, will block its signal.

Devices which emit high-powered radio signals like wireless routers and microwave ovens may also cause a reduction in functionality.

1. Ensure XY Find It app is running to keep track of items, ring phone, and use KeepNear.
2. Ensure Bluetooth, location, and internet services are on in your phone's settings.
3. Check XY Finder from time to time and change its CR3032 battery when needed.
4. If random beeping occurs, ensure battery is firmly seated inside XY Finder's case.
5. Contact support for further assistance.

Email: [email protected].company
Phone: (619)728-7030

1. Open it by inserting a flat, metal tool (such as a flat head screwdriver or a small coin) in the notch along the side below the button.
2. Gently twist the tool until the finder pops open, then remove the battery.
3. Insert a fresh battery with the engraved writing facing up.

1. Download and install the app
2. Create an account
3. Click (+) to add XY4+ Finders
4. Follow the instructions to sync
5. Enjoy never losing your stuff!

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