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抹茶(中國古時稱作末茶),起源於中國隋唐,將春天的茶葉的嫩葉,用蒸汽殺青後,做成餅茶(團茶)保存。食用前放在火上再次烘焙幹燥,用天然石磨碾磨成粉末。早在唐朝年間,人們就發明了蒸青散茶(碾茶),還審訂了評茶色香味的方法,並成為人們不可或缺的日常飲料 Matcha (called ancient tea in ancient China) originated from the Sui and Tang Dynasties in China. The young leaves of spring tea were preserved with steam and then made into cake tea (Team Tea). It is baked and dried on a fire before consumption, and ground into a powder with a natural stone mill. As early as the Tang Dynasty, people invented the steamed green tea (milled tea), and also reviewed the method of evaluating the color of the tea

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