Buy iPhone 7p / 8p Ultra-Thin Phone case Tanzania DAR us Salam Resistance to Falling, Non-Slip, Soft, Convenient Protective case

Category:Wireless Phone Accessory
Manufacturer:HongKong Fudan Investment Co., Limited

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Features :

  • ◆ Perfect fit: ultra-thin protective cover, tempered glass back. Designed for the iPhone 7P / 8P. Precise sound cuts, charging ports, audio ports and buttons.

Please kindly note that the magnetic case is creative, so cool and beautiful. Don't let it slip from your hand and drop on the ground.

Are you still heasting to choose what kind of phone case ?

The following reaserch will help you answer the problem

Tradtiatonal phone case have the following problem

1.The soft TPU case will get yellow when you use it and it is easily to breed bacteria.

2.The Hard phone case is too heavy and it is easily get cracked and it will block the singal of the phone.

3.The normal glass will get cracked easily and it will hurt the phone when you intall it or pick off the phone case.

Our phone case is new version and it does not exist this kind of problem.

Q&A about MISSCASE Product:

Q1: What kind of materials the case frame made of,metal or hard plastic?

A: It designed with compound metal material and you can install or remove it easily.

Q2: Do I need to take off the case when I want to charge my iPhone?

A: Easy access to speaker & charging port without having to remove the case for its precise cutouts.

Q3: Does the case have a lip to protect the camera and screen?

A: Yes, the edge around the camera and screen is higher and will protect your screen and lens from scratches.

Q4: Is it easy to install and remove?

A: Yes, this frame is made of 2-piece metal material which is easy to install and remove.

Q5:Does the materials of case would affect the function of mobile phone,like phone signal or wifi signal?

Q:Not at all,the case work well with your phone.NO Signal Blocking.

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